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Wall Coverings. We got Your Taste Covered!

"Your walls are the perfect canvas in which a little bit of who you are can be reflected in the form of a master piece"

- Zevart Interiors

Wallpaper Hanging

  Superior customer experience has always lead us to long term relationships with each of our clients. Though a smaller department within ZEVART INTERIORS, Wallpaper Hanging has always been an essential part of our business in both residential and commercial sectors. Our experience has always been highly trusted and our skilled greatly valued. 

As popularity and demand for wallpaper and various others wall coverings have reached new historical heights, ZEVART INTERIORS is keen to provide its wallpaper installation services to any of our clients in the Metro Atlanta area wishing to turn a wall, several walls, or even entire rooms into a breath taking masterpiece canvas. Know that as an interior design firm, ZEVART INTERIORS is always glad to assist you in choosing the perfect wallpaper for your desired space just in case you don't know where to start or simply need, and would like, a bit of professional advice.

Experience you Can Trust!

That's right! You know well that wallpaper is still a thing even today, and it comes in a vast assortment of materials, textures, patterns, & styles.


However, as fancy as they can be, wall coverings require special attention at the time of hanging as they can be quite delicate, and if procedures are not  followed correctly, you will certainly be disappointed with the catastrophic results and won't be too happy dealing with the costly and time

consuming repairs.

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Banana Leaves Wallpaper


We're Here To Assist You!

Thankfully for you, we've been at it for a decade now and you can rest assure that we know a thing or two about hanging any type of wall covering just the right way. 

No project is too small or too big for us. We will get it done. We are just a click or call away!

Let Us Perform The Creative Work For You!

Choosing the right wallpaper can be a daunting task. Let our experience and skill take care of things for you. No matter the scale of the project, we always work hard to ensure the perfect solution is devised as we turn your walls into a masterpiece canvas that reflects exactly your desired vision. 

Here at Zevart Interiors we have stablished a reputation in Metro-Atlanta for delivering high impact projects and are delighted to work with you.

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