Our Products

Designed with you in mind. Created by us to meet your lifestyle needs.

100% of our cabinetry pieces are designed, built, and assembled in our Dallas, GA wood shop. We build from scratch, taking the raw material, 100% hardwood, from rough lumber to a completely finished piece.

More importantly, however, we enjoy designing for families. Every project we’ve ever completed has always involved integrating solutions that in the end allow the entire family and their guests to feel a redefined sense of belonging.

white kitchen cabinetry


We offer a wide selection of styles, finishes, and colors to fit your design taste and budget.

The versatility of our kitchen cabinet designs allows you to choose your preferred cabinet configuration to maximize functionality in your kitchen. 

Based on your needs,  additional storage solutions may be added to the design for more personalization:

Bathroom Vanities

Timeless designs. Uniquely built.

Custom bathroom vanities are a great choice for various reasons:

Perhaps you are looking to maintain a unique design aesthetic that the standard “off-the-shelf” options won’t provide you with. 

Or you may be a parent with small children who needs special storage solutions for their kids’ towels and personal hygiene items.

And of course, for her and her needs. And for him too, but mainly for her. 



We make Happy Hour a reality.

Regardless of where you’d like your new bar, dry or wet, we are happy to assist you in your endeavors.


Matching aesthetics and quality throughout your home is important.

Here at Zevart Interiors, Built-In cabinetry is an offering we now extend to our clients based on their increasing requests. 

Many times when we are working on a client’s kitchen design, there are ideas that spring-up along the way for their breakfast area, living room, or any other adjacent room to the kitchen.

In many other cases when we are working alongside interior designers and remodelers, we build a wide array of custom cabinet pieces for their entire projects which are required to maintain a cohesive design flow throughout their client’s home.

kitchen bar cabinetry