Our Products

Designed with you in mind. Created by us to meet your lifestyle needs.

100% of our cabinetry pieces are designed, built, and assembled in our wood shop. We build from scratch, taking the raw material, 100% hardwood, from rough board to a completely finished piece.

We are continuously improving our techniques, skills, and knowledge of furniture making to provide you and your personal space with high quality cabinetry pieces at a fair price.

white kitchen cabinetry


We offer a wide selection of high quality kitchen cabinets in various styles, finishes, and colors to fit your design taste and budget.

The versatility of our kitchen cabinet designs allows you to choose your preferred cabinet configuration to maximize functionality in your kitchen. You can also mix-and-match painted and stained cabinets to create the perfect atmosphere for your kitchen.

We’re also focused on helping you maximize your kitchen’s functional space by providing additional storage solutions such as:

Bathroom Vanities

Timeless designs. Uniquely built.

Bathroom vanities must withstand a series of different conditions than kitchen cabinets. On the surface, it may seem like the build and finish doesn’t matter, but if you want to avoid the headache of dealing with a rapidly decaying bathroom vanity from the local big box store, hear us out. 

While kitchen cabinets are built to keep a rigid surface core for the longest time possible to minimize wear and tear over the years, bathroom cabinets must do the same except there are the added factors of expansion and contraction due to humidity and drastic temperature changes.

We use special Zero VOC topcoats and finishes that allow our bathroom vanities to maintain exceptional aesthetics and strength for many years.


We make Happy Hour a reality.
Regardless of where you’d like your new bar, dry or wet, we are happy to assist you in your endeavors.


Matching aesthetics and quality throughout your home is not just important, it is a must. 

Here at Zevart Interiors, Built-In cabinetry is an offering we now extend to our clients based on their increasing requests. 

Most times when we are working on a client’s kitchen remodel there are ideas that spring-up along the way for their breakfast area, living room, or any other adjacent room to the kitchen. These ideas may consist of custom bookshelves or built-ins next to fireplaces, amongst other furniture pieces to maintain a cohesive design flow. 

kitchen bar cabinetry