Mix, Match,

& Save!

Maximize your budget & expand your options 

Deluxe Room

Design Package

If you are ready to tackle an entire room makeover, the Deluxe Room design package is the perfect fit for you, providing you step-by-step guidance plus detailed designs showing every aspect of your chosen room. 

Standard Room

Design Package

The Standard room design package includes everything you need in order to update any space at an affordable cost.  Create effortlessly bold, yet well-appointed home spaces.

Light Touch

Design Package

This option is perfect if you are looking for ideas & inspiration for your room makeover but feel confident in carrying out the recommendations on your own.

Color Pallet


Do not underestimate the power of color! During the 90 minute in-home consultation together, we will analyze

your preferred style and design vision, and help you create your 

customized color pallete.

Home for Sale

Styling Package

Our home styling package includes everything you need to style your home for sale. Let your home make

a statement & provide each  stakeholder a gracious welcome!


Design Package

If your project entails a higher scheme renovation and you are looking for a one of a kind experience and want to create a thoughtful, elegant and timeless environment; we are glad to assist in putting together a tailored package just for you. 


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