The destination for families in Metro Atlanta who need a new kitchen tailored to their lifestyle.

At Zevart Interiors, we provide solution-based services and products that bring functionality and beauty to your kitchen. Since our inception in 2018, our goal has been to create products that go beyond aesthetics to give your family and you the opportunity to function in a comfortable, unique kitchen which you can be proud to call home. 

Having worked in the home improvement industry for over ten years, I have been able to serve many clients with varying needs. Along the way, I discovered that I have a lifelong passion for woodworking. My experiences in the home improvement industry combined with my love for woodworking have been the driving force behind my business success. I grew to love making beautiful and quality cabinetry, and I realized the need for those cabinets in people’s kitchens. Building cabinetry has led me to follow the mission of creating long-lasting cabinets that are not only functional, but that each tell their own story. 

Also, having seen different business models, I feel that a customer-centered approach is the heart of my business. My goal is to create kitchens and handcrafted cabinetry that meet every client’s lifestyle needs by providing functionality and solving everyday problems. At Zevart Interiors, we pride ourselves on listening to each individual client’s needs and truly understanding them. 

Meet the team


Owner & Ops. Manager

Traveler at heart. I love all things nature and history. I’m book-bosomed.


Cabinetry Shop Manager

Wanderer at heart with a curious mind. Exploring what makes the world go round gazing up at the stars.


Customer Success Director

An avid reader of fantasy and thriller fiction, I love to start my day with a cup of coffee and a book. Traveling feeds my hunger for adventure.
Writing poetry rejuvenates my soul.