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Interior Design

Our wide-range of design services is a perfect fit for any dweller looking for a personalized experience. Always expect a balance of rational and intuitive decisions grounded

in solid principles.

Wallpaper Hanging

You will be amazed at the way wallpaper radiates beauty and elegance in order to transform any room of your home into your dream room. We offer high quality and professional services to hang even the mos delicate of wallpapers.

Residential Painting

Painting is an essential part of each of our projects and we are constantly innovating to provide you with premium residential painting services that will reinvent your desired space(s) and exceed your expectations.  

Floor & Carpet Installation

Whether you are looking to restore your existing floors or for a fresh start, we specialize in installing LVT, carpet, and hardwood flooring. We are glad to assist you in the search and selection of your desired flooring, at no additional cost.

Custom Barn Doors &

Wood Accent Pieces

Our hand-crafted, high quality furniture pieces are designed to meet your needs and reflect your style at a price you can afford. Enjoy unique masterpieces made from your choice of any of our premium hardwoods and enhance the functionality of your space.

Pro Electrical Services

At Zevart Interiors, we place a special value on electricity's 

performance and sustainability 

within the household in order to assist our clients in achieving

immediate solutions that will result in short and long term money savings. From the essential repair to the more elaborate electrical projects, we're here to assist you.



All About You

At Zevart Interiors, we are committed to delivering our clients solutions that suit their unique needs and desires, always ensuring clients' expectations are met and covered throughout every step of the process.



We value the trust you place in us and want you to feel comfortable from start to completion. Our goal is for the final result to reflect your inspiration. 



Accuracy & efficiency are crucial in achieving success in every home project. We excel in customer service and satisfaction and want you to know that we are here for you to answer your questions at any time and to attend to any special requests about your home. We are delighted to assist you!

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